Friday, December 13, 2013

Lift Your Spirits

I was recently looking at some of my past photos(actually 35mm slides)---yes film!
Particularly, I pulled some work from my backpacking and back-country skiing trips.  I hiked a great deal in the Adirondack Mountains back then.

One of my best hiking partners was my dog, Basel.
He was a male Bernese Mountain Dog, and just as the name implies, he could really climb those peaks!
Basel_Bernese Mountain Dog
Many times, as I struggled to find the "way of least resistance" up a steep mountain trail, I would look up ahead and there was Basel looking down at me.   "Come on buddy", he seemed to be saying, smiling, tongue hanging out.  You know that look!

It was special, hiking those mountain trails with friends.  It was a personal endeavor, but the camaraderie amongst us was priceless.  The scenic views along the way were also priceless.  You see, that's the beauty of living in Central NY.  A 2-hour drive can put you back in the realm of sanity. As a photographer, the inspiration gained from each and every hike is fuel for the soul.  Just breath it in.  

View of Indian Pass and Wallface Mountain

I did have some very interesting food on our treks.  I must say carrying 40-45 lbs on your back over 10 or so miles will make you appreciate the always-delicious freeze-dried lasagna.  Really it was very good, especially when washed down with some fine cognac.  What about hydrating the body?  Well, utilizing a water filter is the only way to obtain potable water from streams in the Adirondacks, so with a little work and a great deal of arm muscle, I was in business.

Of course, after 3 days in the wilderness, the walk out was filled with these words, "steak, baked potato, and beer".  We were renewed, rejuvenated, you know the whole Zen thing, and hungry as hell!
Sitting all together at the ole Hungry Trout restaurant, we reminisced about our hike, embellishing a bit about that black bear visiting our camp site, scaring the crap out of us.
Friends, lifting our spirits and toasting,  "to our next trek!"

(By the way, I always brought the steak left overs to my best friend, Basel dog.)

Basel and I with our packs
Get those cross-country skis ready!

Happy Holidays!